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Piano & Flute lessons

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My experience

After ten years teaching kids and adults from 4 years to 85 and practicing piano and flute for almost all my life, I have asked myself many questions about the learning process. Researching about how our brain works, about different methods and approaches has given me lot of knowledge and tools to improve my teaching skills.  These background allows me to personalise my lessons and search the best way for each student.


In each class, the student is guided towards the discovery, in order to develop his autonomy and to place the student the center of the learning process.

Together, we will decide our goal, how to achieve it and how to practise in the most effective way while keeping it fun and diverse! 


 No matter how old you are,  it's never too late to enjoy learning an instrument in an active and dynamic way.

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The lessons can take place at the student´s home or at the studio´s adress. As well, online lessons are provided through Zoom, Skype, etc.

The prices for individual lessons at the Studio`s adress are the next:

30 min.............................20 €

45 min...........................30€

60 min.............................40 €

(prices without VAT)

For more information about private classes or special offers contact me!


"The best about piano is to see how we develop a piece, making it better every day"

"Isabel is really nice and creative, her classes are always enjoyable! She helped me with basic music theory so that I can have a better understanding of scores and to create different atmospheres while playing"

"The way of practise she taught was clear and efficient!

Both online and offline classes were helpful!"

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